History and Origin of Video Poker

Video poker is a hybrid of video game and the game of poker. Undeniably video poker is the most recent variant of poker and in the present scenario there are technologically advanced video poker machines which can be seen as a prominent part of many casinos. But little does anyone know that video poker has been into picture for over two hundred years now and earlier it was played on consoles which featured almost very little or no technology.

In 1980s a strong demand was felt for a poker game where players need not observe the movements and facial expressions of the co players but enjoy play poker with ease and comfort. This demand led to invention of video poker and it was in the year 1970 that the first video poker machine walked into casinos. The game was an instant hit and become popular among poker player in almost no time. Video poker was ideal way to learn poker by beginners, players only required to check out the payout plans of each machine and adjust their game play accordingly.

The year 1979 marked the launch of Draw poker and this helped in further strengthening the position of video poker. With such a strong demand, video poker machines found a prominent place in Las Vegas casinos. Over the recent years there had been a lot of changes in the game play of video poker owing to the efforts of various companies to make video poker more realistic as the original game of poker. Irrespective of this one fact is very evident that with so much popularity the game of video poker will continue to mesmerize its players year after year.

The last couple years, Video poker has lost some of its glory thanks to the rise of No Limit Holdem. Nonetheless, there will always be a strong demand for video poker, as it allows people to play poker without the stress of sending out “tells” to the other players and other pressures that can be caused from playing poker with real live people.

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