Alcohol is Detrimental to Winning Poker

Many professional players have candidly confessed that alcohol and poker do not go hand in hand. Alcohol has a detrimental effect on the game. You need a clear head to make pertinent judgments which would have deep impact on the game and the poker table. Alcohol may be one of the reasons for the failure of your performance at the poker table.

There is a stark difference between a good and an ordinary player. There is a fundamental difference between playing a good game and winning a game. The element that causes damage to your thinking abilities is alcohol.

The root of the problem is alcohol consumption. You should know about your abilities and capabilities. You should know whether you can control yourself after imbibing liquor or not. However it has been advised that alcohol should not be consumed while playing a game of poker.

Poker is a complex game with numerous rules. You have to alert all the while because you need to concentrate on your own game and also on examine and gauge the opponents and their respective games. It is a difficult task. And alcohol consumption makes it very difficult. Your mind is clogged and you are unable to think clearly which impacts your game in a detrimental way.

If you are playing out of turn, betting too often, raising stakes when it is not required you should realize that it is because of alcohol consumption. Your high or low spirits are due to the effect of alcohol on your mind.

Are you bluffing in most of your games? Are you playing all the games when you should be folding a hand if you lack premium cards? When the mind cannot think clearly and if it is clouded you tend to make blunders. You should know that every mistake on the poker table is going to cost you dearly. So you should not let alcohol cloud your mind and allow you to take lousy decision which will make you stand in a very precarious situation.

Large sums of money are involved and alcohol consumption may end up spoiling your game, turning winning poker into losing poker. You should not allow your opponents to take undue advantage of you and your game. Rational and logical thinking is very essential while playing poker. Your bankroll may be in severe danger if your drunk as you spend the entire amount gambling. Avoid drinking alcohol. It’s the easiest way to win a game and of the simplest strategy you can adopt to win a game.

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