“In the casino, the cardinal rule is to keep them playing and to keep them coming back. The longer they play, the more they lose, and in the end, we get it all.”



Advanced Poker Tips

Whenever you are dealing with poker – there are things that you need to think about, one is going to be your actions.  Think back – some of the things that we have talked about in this particular blog all have to do with watching other people’s actions and being very aware of what your players are doing – do you not think that they are doing the exact same

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Strategies for Online Poker

Poker is off large a game of skill and guts combined with a little luck. No wonder it has become one of the most played games online and people adore it like anything. The effortlessness of playing their favorite game online and without going to the casino is what makes it so attractive.

Practice, Psychology, Patience and Position in Poker

f there is one thing that I know about poker, it is going to be how you can tell a professional poker from just an avid poker player.  Are you an avid poker player that is looking to up their skills to be defined as a professional poker player?  To be honest, there is a lot that you need to do in order to gain Professional Poker Player Skills, however,

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Alcohol is Detrimental to Winning Poker

Many professional players have candidly confessed that alcohol and poker do not go hand in hand. Alcohol has a detrimental effect on the game. You need a clear head to make pertinent judgments which would have deep impact on the game and the poker table. Alcohol may be one of the reasons for the failure of your performance at the poker table.

Simple Poker Tips

There are so many different ways that you can win at online poker, but can you believe that some people forget the basic rules and tips of poker?  Well, you can definitely have a one up on them if you know these tips that I am about to reveal so pay attention!  I swear, they will help you whether you are online or you are at a real poker table.

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Playing Craps and Blackjack Online

It is now possible to play craps, one of the world’s most popular gambling games, on your computer in the comfort of your own home. One of the main selling points of craps, though, is the social interaction and excitement at the live table, so why would someone choose to forego that experience in favor of solitary, online play?

“The casino played a song of its own—slot machines dinging, chips clacking as the dealer passed them out to the players at the tables, and the chatter of people throwing down money with the hope of hitting it big. It was like a carnival for adults. A person could get lost for days in a place like this.”


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